The scientific landscape. Threats and opportunities

Oystein Hov, The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters and the Norwegian Meteorological Institute

Presentation: Øystein Hov.pdf

Acid rain was resolved through cross disciplinary research covering the line from emissions, atmospheric processes, removal mechanisms and impacts on ecosystems and water quality, at the same time as the science community interacted with the policy making for the best approach to the mitigation of emissions. A continuum from discovery via translation to application was established. An awareness was created of the role of "Science for service" related to air, soil and water pollution, weather and climate, keeping at the same time strong links to fundamental research on how the earth system components function and interact. This approach is becoming more and more important and sets out a peaceful way to handle the major environmental challenges linked to population growth, food production, energy production, water quality and accessibility, climate and the householding of natural resources.

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